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Our Work:
Kriyative Kidz is an education enrichment company which deals with giving education in a fun filled way.  that helps children between ages 2.5 and 14, absorb knowledge and concepts holistically. It is also a place where parents can take comfort in knowing that their child is loved and cared for. Kriyative Kidz programs are designed to increase school readiness and provide opportunities for child development and age/skill appropriate activities. They are structured on the premise that all children learn differently and move through learning, at different speeds. Implementing the concept of Multiple Intelligences, Kriyative Kidz provides an educational advantage, by encouraging children to discover a love of learning in a fun and interactive setting. The child-centric approach of the program reinforces communication, creativity and critical thinking skills that will carry over into the home and school settings.   Advantages of Kriyative Kidz way of learning:
  • Increases motivation through immediate feedback, multi sensory involvement and greater enjoyment of learning.
  • Increases involvement as more senses and activity are required of the student, more learning and progress occurs.
  • Reduces learning time by as much as 50 percent.
  • Increases retention of content over time
  • Enables children to conquer the fear of failure because the instruction is bent according to their individual intelligence factor.
Our Process:

Kriyative Kidz serves children through after school and summer classes, school outreach programs, community events, and drop-in activities. The Center delivers programs that are structured around being one-on-one, aimed at grooming a child’s self confidence by educating the whole child; socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.                  

Our Early Learning Programs Our Early Learning Programs for ages 2.5 to 5, are special – something that Parents will vouch for – in the variety of activities, the caring staff and a very warm, supportive environment. Here, children and their overall well being are what come first. Each program is uniquely designed to attend to each child at his or her own skill level, in all areas of growth and there are a wide variety of theme-based activities to choose from on a weekly basis.  

Our After School Programs After-school programs are for ages 5 to 14 and are all-year-round programs that work on the framework:
  • Identify the child’s learning personality.
  • Conduct a pre-assessment test.
  • Customize initial lesson plans, based on the results of the assessment, and the type of personality.
  • Provide ongoing assessments on student readiness, based on student, parent and facilitator interactions.
  • Facilitate flexible grouping where students are active explorers.
  • Customize individual course content to achieve learning outcomes, per CBSE curriculum.
  • Provide course completion advice.
  • Graduate to the next level.
  Our Summer Programs Summer camp at Kriyative Kidz can include everything from going on eco-awareness programs and sand carving to building vocabulary and soap carving. With a hands-on approach to learning, children will learn through different experiences, and be able to place information in context – a proven way to remember, learn and imbibe things better.                  

Our School Wide Programs Kriyative Kidz offers the school wide program toward creating high-performing effective schools. Effective schools are designed based on research and educators’ inputs that all children can master challenging academic content and complex problem solving skills, when resources, practices and procedures are coordinated across an entire school. Kriyative Kidz’ school wide program for creating effective schools is a comprehensive reform strategy that is designed to upgrade any school’s educational delivery, making it an effective school, for all – students, teachers, parents and school management.   When a school signs up, for the school wide program, they will get:
  • Reform strategies, aligned with the needs assessment
  • Opportunities for all students to aim for academic achievement.
  • Instruction by highly qualified teachers;
  • High-quality, ongoing professional development;
  • Strategies to attract highly qualified teachers;
  • Strategies to increase parental involvement;
  • Strategies to address the academically weak student’s needs that are effective and timely.

Why we are here:

Kriyative Kidz was born out of compelling evidence that organized structured activities during the out-of-school hours play a sustainable and a highly valued role in the lives of our nation’s young people. Most parents go to out-of-school programs for a certain period of the year, during holidays et al. But out-of-school programs should essentially be all-year-round programs. What do parents look for? What would be their priorities while evaluating such programs? To what extent are they looking for socialization, playtime or are they looking merely for a place with adult supervision? Kriyative Kidz was born out of assessing all these needs of parents and students as well. At Kriyative Kidz, our educators are the backbone. Like in every educational institute, we believe that their attitudes shape the way, we want to deliver learning. Our educators are trained in the simple cardinal rule of teaching – which students will not believe in you, until you first believe in them and in what you are teaching them.            

Our Vission:

At Kriyative Kidz, we partner with families, educators and other folks who care about kids to co-create a world where we are all free to be our true and best selves within vibrant, peaceful, creative & caring communities. Our camps and classes use the magic and power of creative learning to help kids ages 2.5 - 14 manifest this world. Our Mission: To implement our vision with good faith and fulfillment.  

Our team:

Kriyative Kidz is the brain child of Jeyapria Devi, who believes that “helping students succeed and preparing them for the real world, is our goal.” Jeyyapria Devi is an alumnus of IIT Chennai, and she has designed the programs, based on Dr.Howard Gardner’s concept of multiple intelligences and her own need to be a caring parent. Jeyyapria believes that, for a child to do well and succeed in school, there are many ways to show intellectual ability, and it is important to see the world through the child’s eyes. Kiryative Kidz ensures every child is acknowledged as smart and skillful and not just “book smart”.  


Teachers Every teacher at Kriyative Kidz is acknowledged as the “difference.” Teachers at Kriyative Kidz are primarily trained in three facets of effective teaching:

  • Be open to change
  • Be willing to go, where your student wants to go.
  • Be open to student feedback.
Because, the team understands that valuing one’s students and their inputs, is the key to their success. Kriyative Kidz offers creative and innovative tools to help teachers increase and retain their passion for teaching, and remain successful. It also teaches them to lighten up, and be observant of the “funny” elements. As always, they are advised to teach with passion, and practice what they teach.
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